Global Session: Oscar Ozz

Global Session: Oscar Ozz

Wednesday, 03 April 2019
Global Sessions

Surprise, break out, experiment and tell an exciting story.

This is how Oscar OZZ defines his passion: hang up, be a DJ.

The eternal search for the right track at the right moment.

At the beginning of his career, Oscar OZZ was just named Oscar and has released many EPs on vinyl. Producing the tracks himself, which should be perfectly integrated into his DJ set, became his second hobbyhorse in 2003.

It was part of the fixed inventory of Oliver Huntemann’s Confused Records, leaving his footprints on Material Series, Suara and Perc Trax. But there was more music than could have been released on other platforms.

The establishment of a separate label was the logical consequence. Together with Jens from the Magdeburg record store Unique founded Oscar Karatemusik. Other labels followed: KarateKlub, Lordag Records, Extrasmart – just to name a few. Artists like Super Flu, BUTCH, PurpleDiscoMachine, Kolombo, sascha braemer and Andreas Henneberg used the various platforms to release EPs and albums.

Oscar OZZ is currently focusing more on his music and studio work. In addition to a successful collaboration with Kolombo on his imprint of LouLou Records in 2018, Oscar regularly releases tracks and remixes on poetry music (sub-label of Get Physical), Below The Belt (label of Enzo Siffredi), Pour La Vie (Ron Flatter’s Imprint) and of course Karate music