Ty Holden

Ty Holden

Saturday, 08 February 2014
Confetti World

Ty Holden began his life as a bass player in a band named ‘Crown of Thorns’ managed by Miles Copeland who also managed the Police. Here Ty gained his experience in studios making several singles with the band.

When the acid House scene arrived in the Late eighties, Ty hooked up with artists such as Mr C, Eddie Richards and Femi B to promote various underground parties.

He then joined friends Kenny Hawks and Luke Solomon on the now legendary pirate station ‘Girls FM’. Introducing artists such as DJ Pierre, Eric Morillo, Victor Simonelli and many more to a London radio audience.

Ty became prolific in the studio with KCC, then teamed up with James Reynolds to form remix team London Connection, remixing artists such as Aretha Franklin, Next, Tyrese Gibson, Charles Dockins and many more.

Ty recorded and remixed for Nice ‘n’ Ripe, Confetti Records, Defected (an unreleased London Connection album), Strictly Rhythm, Fifty First, Peppermint Jam records to name but a few.

Ty is not scared to cover a broad spectrum of underground music, old and new.