Global Sessions : Andree Wischnewski

Global Sessions : Andree Wischnewski

Saturday, 19 January 2019
Confetti World

This week Guestmix by:  Andree Wischnewski
Label: Superstitious / Louder than Famous / Shaker Plates / Audio Safari / Dusted Decks / Klang
Gymnastik / Ostfunk and many more

Andree Wischnewski, now a veteran of the Berlin techno scene, has been on the road as a DJ for more than 17 years. During these years, Andree has been able to prove his abilities under many pseudonyms and in several projects.

His style is hard to describe as Andree does not fit into any style drawers. Sometimes melancholic-dreamy and deep, sometimes energetic, punchy and straight.

This is also reflected in his productions. In the last few years, if you were more interested in the melodic sounds of Andree, he shows us his new releases on “My Favorite Freaks, Louder than Famous or Superstitious Rec., His tech-house side in a class of its own.

Andree puts together a successful package that brings body and soul into ecstasy.