Global Session : Ryan Dupree

Global Session : Ryan Dupree

Tuesday, 19 March 2019
Confetti World

This week’s Guest in the mix – Ryan Dupree (Berlin / Germany)
Labels: Stil vor Talent, Karera, Dear Deer Records, Parquet recordings, King Street Sounds, Keno Records, Supdub records, Some more records and many more

Ryan Dupree is a DJ, Producer and now also a Label Manager to “Some more records”
He’s released countless Releases and Remixes on Labels worldwide.
To name just a few: Stil vor Talent, Indiana Tones, Spirit Soul Records, Dear Deer Records, Karera and so on.

He played not only in Germany, he also played in Norway, Swiss, Austria, Ukraine, Brazil and Bulgaria

He loves what he does and that you will know when you listen in.